XCOM 2: WotC — New System One-Page Pitch


Mentor System

To become a mentor, the player must have the Training Center facility. If they do, they can choose two soldiers (a Colonel rank and a lower rank) to go into a mentorship session that lasts 3 days. This also makes them unavailable for combat during this duration. After the session is over, those two soldiers will be in a mentorship together. Being in a mentorship has a lot of perks on both the Strategy and Tactics layers of the game.

Strategy Layer

Mentees can also talk to their mentor in a Counseling Session, which adds small positive traits. These sessions would last 4 days, and again, makes both soldiers unavailable for combat during this time period. Examples of these positive traits would be like a permanent 1% gain in Aim or +1 gain in max Will.

The overflow XP and AP would give an incentive for players to continue to use these high-level soldiers in combat, as it would give a lot of lower ranking soldiers the flexibility of having a pool of XP to pull from. The Counseling Sessions also help buff lower level soldiers in the mid- to end-game, making it less discouraging when the player does lose a high-level soldier in battle. These lower level soldiers have been preparing and getting stronger also so you don’t just have weaklings at the very end of the game. It also gives Colonels a use on the strategy layer, when they’re usually just being saved for really difficult missions that require lots of power. The Colonel, in a way, acts as a facility function on the Avenger.

Tactics Layer

Do As I Do — When the mentor soldier does an action, such as move, shoot, hunker down, overwatch, all subsequent actions that are the same action by mentees get an upgrade for that turn. For example, when the mentor dashes to cover, all mentees afterwards will have +1 mobility when they dash. If the mentor takes a shot at an enemy, mentees with have a 5% boost in aim shooting that enemy.

The more days the mentor soldier is a mentor, they can reach the second (and final) tier of Mentor. On that tier. those soldiers have access to this active ability:

Rally — An area of effect ability that removes negative status effects from all mentees in the area. All mentees in the AOE also gain one extra move action for that turn. This can be used once per mission.

These abilities push players to using high-level soldiers in combat, and not just saving them up, having them gather dust in the Avenger menus. Using a Colonel mentor levels up lower level soldiers faster, and gives them a tactical advantage.

Death of a Teacher

This makes it hurt less when a beloved soldier falls in battle, because that time and money can be re-purposed into other soldiers. However, this comes with the negative of losing Will and gaining a negative trait.

What Does This Contribute to the Game?


Data to Gather

  • % of a player’s army that are mentors
  • # of mentees that a mentor has
  • % of colonels that are sent to battle
  • % of players that use the mentor system
  • % of mentors dying

In Closing



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